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This page is home to the Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) programs for commercial Red Snapper (RS-IFQ, 2007-current) and Grouper-Tilefish (GT-IFQ, 2010-current), the Bluefin Tuna Individual Bycatch Quota (BFT, 2015-current)
program, and the Headboat Collaborative pilot (HBC, 2014-2015) program. The IFQ programs are intended to reduce the race to catch quotas by allocating individual fishermen quota that can be harvested throughout the fishing
year. The BFT program is intended to limit bluefin tuna landings and discards and provide fishermen with incentives to avoid bluefin tuna interactions. The two-year HBC pilot program was intended to evaluate the viability of an
allocation-based management strategy for the headboat sector. Each program is intended to achieve both conservation and economic goals through more efficient and more profitable harvesting and marketing practices.

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BFT Customer Service Line 301-427-8591

BFT Customer Service Email NMFS.HMS.IBQ@noaa.gov

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2021 IFQ Landings in (gutted pounds)

Share Category Share Cap % Quota 2021 Landings to Date % Quota Landed Quota Remaining
DWG 14.704321 1,024,000 739,196 72.1 284,804
GAG 2.349938 939,000 466,057 49.6 472,943
SWG 7.266147 525,000 141,272 26.9 383,728
RED GR 4.331882 3,000,000 2,662,476 88.7 337,524
RED SNAPPER 6.020300 6,937,838 6,386,749 92.0 551,089
TILE 12.212356 582,000 439,702 75.5 142,298

*IFQ landings listed here are updated each time this page is loaded, representing the most current landings.

IFQ Customer Support Toll-Free 866-425-7627
IFQ Customer Support Email NMFS.SER.CatchShare@noaa.gov

BFT Catch Accounting for 2021 in whole weight

Share Cat. Quota Distributed (lb) Quota Applied (lb) Quota Debit (lb) % Quota Remaining Quota Remaining (lb)
NED 0 0 0 0.0 0
PSG 242,840 0 0 100.0 242,840
PLL 702,413 0 0 100.0 702,413
PLL ATL 448,798 0 0 100.0 448,798
PLL GOM 253,615 0 0 100.0 253,615

BFT Customer Service Line 301-427-8591
BFT Customer Service Email NMFS.HMS.IBQ@NOAA.gov